GORE-TEX SURROUND® Footwear  Dry and comfortable feet all around.

Footwear with GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology is designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate or warmer conditions. It is durably waterproof and highly breathable all-around your foot. Water stays on the outside while perspiration can easily escape from the inside. All-around breathable. Durably waterproof.

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  • Logo 

    The Logo attracts attention and is immediately recognized by consumers. With adding “SURROUND® product technology” to the logo consumers can easily recognize GORE-TEX shoes with SURROUND® product technology.

  • Graphics 

    Graphics enable consumers to understand where the GORE-TEX membrane is located in their product, and they also help consumers learn how the membrane functions.

  • Texts 

    Text files explain the value proposition of the GORE-TEX brand and product classes so that your consumers can better identify the right product for their needs. You can also combine the text with a graphic. (Don’t want to copy text? Embed our Virtual Hangtag instead).

  • Images 

    To visualize the benefits of products with GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology various images are available to stage the product online and offline.

  • Videos & Animations 

    The benefits and functions of the GORE-TEX Membrane are shown to ensure consumers understand the value of the products.

  • Print Advertisements 

    Promote GORE-TEX products in high interest magazines or retail catalogues to create awareness.

  • Banner 

    To attract attention for GORE-TEX products and make the brand visible for existing and potential consumers.

  • Social Media Assets 

    To advertise the GORE-TEX brand and increase brand visibility on Social Media channels.


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